Terra Firma Group’s accounting team will manage the financial aspects of your property. Our accounting system is fully integrated with the property management system. We provide general ledger, debtors and creditors ledger on a monthly basis and at the end of our client’s chosen financial year end. The property tenancy schedule is interfaced with the debtors control and all invoicing to tenants is fully automated via emails delivery.


All rental collection and payment to contractors can be received or paid directly to or from our client’s bank account or to a separate nominated account managed by us. All property expenses are automatically processed by our accounting system. We provide a recommended payment list to our client once a month before paying directly to the contractor’s bank account.

For properties with operating expenses budgets, we administer to the operating expense accounts using a separate ledger for final completeness through to the reconciliation of the annual budget.

Where a client’s portfolio requires, we can provide a monthly statement of financial performance per site and/or consolidated per portfolio with comparison to the annual budget.

Our property management & accounting system is regularly upgraded and modified to keep up to date with the demand of each client’s reporting requirements.

Meet the Team

Our inhouse accountants are Caecilia Yeo and Bronwyn Taylor. Caecilia is responsible for Accounting, Financial Reporting, Database Administration and IT. Bronwyn is experienced in the operation of our systems and has the ability to run all accounts.  

Email Caecilia Contact Caecilia, for discussion of your financial requirements and how we can provide you with expert and efficient financial reporting.